25/05/2020 · FUD can relate to Bitcoin regulatory issues, rumors about banning crypto, and more. What is HODL? HODL is a disruption of the English word “hold”. Hodlers believe in Bitcoin and hold it all times regardless of its price, for the long term, even forever. HODL was first used during the crypto bubble pop of December 2013. HODL What is Halving?

How to HODL Cryptocurrencies: Holding Forever VS Regularly Taking ProfitsHodl is slang in the cryptocurrency community for holding the cryptocurrency rather than selling.

"Buy and hodl, just don't get #rekt: The slang that gets you taken seriously as a bitcoin trader". Quartz. Archived from the original on 2017-12 -22.

Bitcoin might still be considered the flagship cryptocurrency that many of the other alternative currencies sail in the wake.

21/08/2018 · Hodl Meaning in Crypto Community. Since that fateful post in 2013, hodl has entered the crypto lexicon. In fact, Quartz said that the term is a must-know for anyone who wants to be “taken seriously as a bitcoin trader.” It’s not just about knowing a weird anecdote from the archives of crypto history. Hodl actually has taken on a very.

03/04/2018  · – Bitcoin HODL Meaning and Definition Explained So, the question is, what does the term “HODL” really mean and where did it originate? The meaning of “HODL” is actually quite simple – it means to hold onto and not sell, in other words “hold on for dear life” through the roller coaster ups and downs of the bitcoin price.

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25/06/2019  · HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold" that refers to buy-and-hold strategies in the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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When the term HODL was first being used, it referred only to Bitcoin, but these days it is used for just about any coin that is about to see an uptick in value. The term was first ever used in a post on the Bitcoin Forum in 2013.

Hodl is the word for it, a typo used in the Bitcoin community, meaning 'hold.' 'An enthusiastic misspelling of Hold, prompting bitcoin users to avoid the temptation of selling off their coins once price starts rising.' At first, I never knew about it, not until I had to make some search on the Internet. Well, the typo is just a good one that only few.

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18/12/2013 · If you just HODL, you limit the amount of things you can mess up. HODL is essentially a rallying cry for action through non-action. In this way GameKyuubi is both a sage and the patron saint of moderate crypto investors who are smart enough to know their skill level (those who know enough to stay in the game, but not enough to avoid going down with the ship).

28 Dec 2017.

What does hodl mean? What does FUD mean? What about DYOR? Bitcoin slang , from shitcoin to BTFD, defined and explained.

Wat is HODL? HODL staat voor Hold On for Dear Life. De term in ontstaan na een typefout van gebruiker GameKyuubi op het bekende Bitcoin forum Bitcointalk in.