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Our crypto tax experts answer questions on transactions, taxable events, and IRS notices.

“What about all of the fees that Coinbase has charged me over the years?.

I'm thinking it isn't since you're technically just joining two existing.

federal, state and local tax compliance, tax disputes, and tax crimes.

29 May 2020.

The IRS is hiring cryptocurrency experts to assist in virtual currency audits, a clear signal.

I represent taxpayers in significant disputes with the IRS.

Not surprisingly, just over a year after the IRS received 13,000 names from Coinbase, the IRS sent.

If that isn't on the tax return, that's when trouble starts.

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Bitcoin and Black Lives Matter; Brave's secret referrals; Coinbase.

the DEA and IRS want to purchase licenses to use Coinbase Analytics,

bitcoin has been tried many times before, and interest just isn't there.

Cryptocurrency mining hardware company Bitmain has been embroiled in internal disputes.


10 Dec 2017.

The IRS Criminal Investigation Division not only ordered training for its agents. It also entered into.

The money train isn't done yet either.

Both the IRS and Coinbase have declared partial victories in that dispute. But some.

19 Mar 2017.

The Internal Revenue Service has new details about its Coinbase.

Coinbase isn't the only one taking issue with the IRS's bitcoin stance.

So, since Friday’s markets reaction was in response to the BLS jobs report, let’s go to it and pick apart with a fine tooth.

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(Selling Data To DEA & IRS)’ class=’alignleft’>U.S. Crypto Tax Policy Isn't Just Crazy, It's Cruel.

It's not just prohibitive.

to popular exchange Coinbase for the records of half a million bitcoin owners,